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Posted by mdbergmann at May 5, 2011 3:25:39 AM
Re: Auto-Index?
There is a very significant difference. A batch process as I have mentioned should run as a foreground function and max out the CPU, RAM & disk to the detriment of all else in order to get the task done.

With todays multi core CPUs this background thread will fully use one CPU core if available. It will also use as much RAM and disk as it requires. Technically and regarding performance there is no difference than when done in the foreground except that the foreground application is still responding.

This is because without the index there, no other useful work can be done.

Maybe not useful to you.
I use Eloquent regularly not needing an index.

In earlier versions you have the option to do a foreground index on a module by module basis, and you cannot do anything else whilst that foreground indexing is processing.

This option does still exist.

I am saying I would like to be able to tell Eloquent to index not just the module I am trying to search on now, but every module that has not been indexed and do it NOW as I cannot use Eloquent any further until all the indexes are created.

Maybe it is as simple as creating a preference panel that allows you to say 'Index all modules as soon as downloaded', so that once a new module is added, it is indexed immediately.

But that's already happening if you enable the background indexer.
If you don't want to use Eloquent until indexing is finished than you may just leave Eloquent alone until the CPU usage goes down. Then probably indexing is finished and you can use Eqloquent to whatever you're up to.

Also, there should not be any need to use command line at all in a Mac application. So, even though you mention using command line options, it would be better to just include an extra menu item to do the specific housekeeping tasks for those who are not familiar with command line functions.

This was a preferences setting once. Maybe I'll put it back.

As regards the move from MacSword to Eloquent, unfortunately Eloquent has already deleted all my modules from my hard drive entirely.

You probably are a little frustrated and I can understand that but actually you have told Eloquent to delete the modules. Maybe the requester should warn about to make a backup.