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Posted by rustianimal at May 4, 2011 12:15:23 AM
Need a Simplified Module Installer
I have just downloaded Eloquent v2.3 and having found it had deleted all my module database, I proceeded to try and select all the modules I had. It took me more than half an hour to sift through just the Crosswire bible modules, identify which were in english and which were not, select all the english versions and then start the download task.

Then Eloquent crashed.

I now cannot clearly identify what modules i have downloaded and what I haven't. Eloquent does not seem to have remembered what I requested it to download. I am now frustrated because trying to work out all the english versions from the non-english versions, ones already downloaded from ones that are not is like trying to sort out a jigsaw puzzle of a plate of baked beans!

Is there an easier way to just show the english version modules and ignore all the non-english versions. Is there a way to show clearly (e.g. using colour) which english versions I have installed, from those that I have requested the Module Installer to download, but haven't yet done so?