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Posted by rustianimal at May 3, 2011 11:26:16 PM
Re: Auto-Index?
Actually, my original query was not regarding 'background' indexing but 'batch' indexing.

Background indexing ticks away whilst I am reading the text or whatever using 'spare' CPU for the task. As has been mentioned already, background indexing does use up CPU whilst it is not doing anything else, which some people appear to be concerned about.

Batch indexing occurs only once and does not run in background at all. It is an explicit option to tell MacSword to index ALL the selected modules NOW. It uses maximum CPU to achieve the task in the shortest possible time to the exclusion of all else. It does not need to do it again or be active as a background process because once a module is indexed it does not need to be indexed again.

The most annoying thing to me when using MacSword/Eloquent was that having downloaded over 50 modules of various sorts using the 'batch' download function of the Module Manager, when I came to search using any of them the search failed because there was no index! A module without a searchable index is pretty much useless as all the great stuff in the program can't be used without the index.

I just downloaded the new Eloquent program (v2.3), opened it up and it has deleted ALL of my sources. I now have to download them ALL again and I presume (seeing as there still is no Batch method for creating the indexes) I will have to manually index every single module too. I estimate based on my previous experience that it will take me around 2 days of work to do this!!!!!!!!!!

Please alter the new version of Eloquent with a BATCH indexing command. I just want to be able to tell it to index ALL my modules in one go and leave the computer overnight or even all weekend if necessary until it is done!