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Posted by mdbergmann at May 1, 2011 6:18:37 AM
Re: Converting from MacSword to Eloquent

I have no further use for MacSword since Eloquent was released. I deleted it from my hard drive using AppZapper, and searching the computer for MacSword.

1 There is still a folder called modules that exists at iMac/Jeffrey/Documents/Modules that contains all of my modules (many of which Eloquent does not have) Is it possible to tell Eloquent where these are? Eloquent has an, "Install Source Window" which allow you to pick a Local source, but I don't know how to fill in the rest of the fields - plus, one of them seems permanently 'grayed out' - the Host Window.

MacSword 2 and Eloquent use the same module installation which is at:
"/Users/<youraccount>/Library/Application Support/Sword"

Just copy your modules there.

1. I made a couple screen shots of windows in Eloquent for use in explaining things better, but found no way to attach them.

In order to display images here you need to copy them someplace on the web and add a link to it here.

2. One window, the "Install Source Window" has an option for finding Local files, but no way to browse for them. I tried to write down the proper info, but it was very PC oriented, and I haven't touched a PC since the age of DOS. Anyhow, is there a way to point it to the file on my computer with all the MacSword modules?

The module installer is actually a remote module installer because installing modules from a local source is more or less just a copy operation using the Finder.
See above for the path to the modules folder.