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Posted by treader at Apr 12, 2011 8:31:58 AM
Re: Thai Bible & Concordance available as .exe files - any way to use in Eloquent?

Well, we have the whole team working together on this now. " pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity! ". Great!

That should be everything I need. Thanks to you both.

Philip, I went to the link, and downloaded the zip file:

I've never done it before, but if it's in html, apparently it can be imported into Accordance, which is very good for me. Is the Thai KJV itself available in html anywhere?

I took a brief look at it, and it looks like you did a vast amount of work, again - apart from what you already did in the translation.

You are right about the Thai KJV Bible having settings for red letter, and I have used them - It's just that I didn't know they were entered manually, so now I can rest assured that the breaks between black and red letters are correct. That's what I was getting at in my original post.

The concordance has to be a great tool, though. I bought a friend a hard copy, as I never saw a more avid reader, and can't imagine Bible study without one. I'm pretty sure that one wasn't KJV, as I got it from OMF.

I speak Thai 'dai nidnoi' (very little) and read even less. But it helps when I can have a parallel bible going and only a couple students crowded around the computer. Now they are becoming computer savvy, and have moved away, so this will help them a lot. One friend is on PC, the other (and his family) are on a Mac.

So, as I mentioned earlier, it's a matter of time, but also my involvement here is much less than it used to be. But I'd still like to make it available for my friends, even if we don't sit around my computer much anymore.

So, thanks to you both - and a special thanks to Philip for all the work translating the KJV into Thai, and the further work on the concordance. Bible translators are kind of heros of mine. I started out studying to do that, but got sidetracked, and never went to the mission field, but retired here in Thailand.

God Bless you too!