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Posted by treader at Mar 6, 2011 12:10:36 AM
Thai Bible & Concordance available as .exe files - any way to use in Eloquent?

I'm a newbie here. I basically registered to ask one question:

For my Thai friends I recently found what is called a Thai KJV red letter edition, a Thai and English KJV, and a Thai concordance. This would be especially helpful, because using the conventional word-search features of the present Thai KJV bible comes up with extremely disappointing results. And I suspect the use of Eloquent's highlighting of the words of Christ in red, may have some problems as well. This present bible has been available for years for MacSword. Eloquent allows me to provide my own parallel bibles, so that's cool. However, the concordance would be a real winner if I could just get it into Eloquent.

Problem is that the files are .exe files for PCs, and I can't figure out whether I can open and use them in a form accessible by Eloquent.

The file downloads can be found here: Thai KJV Bible and Concordance

If anyone can tell me if this can be done, and if so, how, I'd be greatly appreciative.