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Posted by wam00067 at Feb 17, 2011 10:32:48 PM
Help with finding and deleting Xiphos configuration file
I installed Xiphos on my Fedora 14 / Dell Inspirion 530 and it worked great. I installed 5 Bibles and changed the display font. Then added some tabs and tried to add a parallel text. After closing it, whenever I start it again, it gives the splash screen and seg faults and closes. ran it from terminal to see if it left a message. Here it is:

** (xiphos:7024): CRITICAL **: clearlooks_style_draw_box_gap: assertion `height >= -1' failed

So I said, Hey, no problem. I'll just delete the modifications I made and It will run like a champ again. However, finding where xiphos puts this info has eluded me. Where does Xiphos hide this file?

Does anyone have any helpful ideas on getting my Xiphos working again? I tried add/remove software and removed it and re-installed it, but the same thing happens. I guess it doesn't delete the config file on un-install. Is deleting the config file a good idea?