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Posted by karl at Jan 28, 2011 4:43:34 AM
Re: Blank Install/Update Screen
> How is it possible

It's possible because we're all volunteers, which means we work on these sorts of things when there is time, and for some of us our Real Jobs have had us in utter meltdown, time-wise, for months. It's possible also because these forums are not the most convenient part of our net.connected life and I for one do not see them more than once a week or so.

Considering that I lost my job yesterday, perhaps I'll find some new "free" time to spend on Xiphos.

First, easy, obvious suggestion: If Install/Update shows blank, it usually means you simply haven't refreshed the remote repository, in order that the mod.mgr have something to show you about that repo.
Project Admin, Xiphos