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Posted by JonGl at Jan 12, 2011 2:19:31 AM
Re: Text Not Working
My suspicion is that it is your preferences that are messed up. Since your version 1 of MacSword seems to be working, I'm betting it's not that.

This is where I have a problem. There are two files that I find, and I can't figure out which is for MacSword 1.x and which for MacSword 2. But I think we can figure that out while we go here. :)

First thing to do is to find these files. You want to go to your Home folder, and then, inside there, find the "Library" folder. Inside that, you will find another folder, named "Preferences". It is in this folder where you will (or at least I hope you will) find two files. One should be named "MacSword.plist" (which I'm guessing is the preferences file for MacSword 1), and the second, which should be named "org.crosswire.MacSword.plist" I'm guessing this is the one for MacSword 2, simply because it follows the standard for preference files, and I believe that Manfred is working hard to follow these things. :)

The next thing you want to do, since I forgot to say it already, is to quit all running copies of MacSword.

After that, you want to do is to take that second preference file, named org.crosswire.MacSword.plist, and drag it out of the Preferences folder. The "safest" place, IMO, is the trash can. Now, don't empty the Trash (or wastebasket) just yet.

Next, relaunch MacSword, and see if you can now see the KJV text. If so, problem solved, if not, then we need to do some more digging. Also, if not, we can discuss putting your deleted plist file back, but honestly, I suggest keeping it in the trash, and starting afresh.