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Posted by LonHaz at Jan 11, 2011 8:49:08 PM
Re: Text Not Working

It would be good to add a new line or add some paragraphs when you write text. It is quite hard to read.

LonHaz Response : Okay thank you - First time using forum.

So you are saying that the KJV module works in MacSword1 but not in MacSword2?

LonHaz Answer : Yes (I have never had any problems with MacSword1)

You can try to remove the KJV module and re-install it using the module installer.

LonHaz Answer : Yes we (my son and I) tried that.

If you say that other modules do work I suspect the module corrupted from download.

LonHaz Question : Okay if it is then what? I have downloaded several times ... so does that mean it is corrupt every time?

Thank You for your reply !