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Posted by joshaven at Nov 30, 2010 6:59:20 PM
Re: cross-comparing parallel Bible tool idea
I've given this idea a bit of thought in the past. I would like to cross-compare Greek & an english translation... I though of using the strong's reference numbers as a join table so to speak...

After considering the issues jonmmorgan raised I wondered if the ideal way to stack sentences is not based upon a common reference point, strong's numbers (with greek) or same word (between same language), but rather based upon parts of speech.

This would require a method of identifying and align each part of speech rather then exact word matches. This would require a lookup table to find the part of speech for each word.

Aligning by parts of speech would allow for a yet unknown (at least to me) way of cross-comparing parallel verses... for instance you could cross-compare two of the same stories from the gospels within the same translation or even add more translations. Or compare two different verses on the same subject. This could be taken even further to compare completely different ideas.

If you aligned by parts of speech you could properly align text even in different languages which would not work with a word matching algorithm.