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Posted by JesusUndMohammed at Nov 27, 2010 2:34:13 PM
applause   German Menge-Bibel on iPhone - works! :-)
Today I received the definite answer:
The Menge-Bibel-Text from "" is in the public domain and may be freely copied.

Haleluja! Great News! I love the DBG and the German Law on "public domain" stufft! cool

I advise some of you fine module developers out there to come up with an official module very soon - I guarantee you, it would be popular!

I totally agree! I think the only thing why the Menge-Bible is not to common in Germany is that it costs 50 EUR in paper form today!

@JesusundMohammed (interesting nick btw), if you want a homebrew module made from a source that the module developers here consider not trustworthy ( ;-) ), check here.

Thanks a lot! I was able to install the bible to my iPhone/iPod Touch very easy:

The .conf file should be copied into the folder "mods.d" and the folder containing the module into "modules/texts/ztext/".

On iPhone Explorer go to:

Off topic:
My nic "Jesus und Mohammed" is the title of a great german book (English version here ) that is pointing to the big difference there is between these two founders of their religions!

The country song with the same name shows the need for that clarifying book. ISLAM is not PEACE at all - but these Country lady didn't know...