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Posted by alvanx at Nov 1, 2010 7:50:04 AM
Support more alternative verse syntaxes, e.g. "Luke 13,12"
I would like to see SWORD supporting different verse syntaxes. It's all cool that I'm able to enter Luke 13:12 or Luke 13.12, but Luke 13,12 is not supported for some reason. However, this is the common German verse format.

The full syntax for extended citations would look like this: Luke 13,12.15.18; 15,2 (unlike the common English format: Luke 13:12,15, ... etc.). It is also not uncommon to leave a space behind the comma, before the verse number.

I've been waiting for this to work for years, always assuming it would certainly be supported soon.

(Forgive me if there's been discussion on this before. I admit I didn't search the forum before starting this topic...)

Thanks a lot!