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Posted by harryshin at Oct 17, 2010 10:39:07 PM
Final Question: How do I install modules???
1. i'm almost done figuring out the basics of this application.
2. i've read the wiki pages, however since i'm asking this question, obviously i still don't understand how to install a module.
3. here's what i've done:
a. i've downloaded to my cpu the modules that i want to install (ex: WEB version of the Bible, and NKJV of the Bible).
b. i have tried to manually install the modules (following the instructions in wiki--> doesn't work).
c. i've tried using the automated method and i've gotten as far as getting the modules to show up on the right side, however when i try to actually install it, i get some error message ("something unexpected" happened etc...).
4. thus, can someone in plain english, in a stepwise manner, tell me what i need to do (or point me to a tutorial... other than the wikipages).

thanks. harry