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Posted by Osk at Oct 13, 2010 11:57:32 AM
Re: Question about licensing
So here is my confusion, if I use a Sword based Bible program like BibleTime or BibleDesktop then the whole bible is available. How does that conform to the license? I guess it must somehow as the ESV is available for download
The license text included with the ESV is the license that downloaders must follow. CrossWire has a different license that gives us "express written permission" to distribute the ESV.
Second if I write a program using the Sword project say to display Bible verses on a wall during a church service, what are the license issues with modules like the ESV?
You and your users can download copyrighted versions like the ESV from CrossWire, and must follow their license restrictions, such as the one you quoted for the ESV.
Third, if I write a program using Sword can I make a distributable version with an in copyright module included (bundled) with the installer or must the downloader/installer be used?
No, not without express written permission from the copyright holder. You would need to use the installer.
Fourth, what if I decide to sell a Bible program built around Sword with an in copyright Bible included. The GPL doesn't forbid the selling of software written under it (as long as the license is adhered to... i.e. source code available etc).
You can sell the software, but you cannot sell or distribute copyrighted content without permission from the publisher. (There's also nothing stopping us from compiling your source code and making your software available for free.)
Lastly, what is the situation with taking an in copyright module from Sword and writing a program to convert it to another format, say for a DB (SQL, XML etc).
That would constitute copyright and license violation.