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Posted by moharasij at Oct 6, 2010 8:57:38 AM
Re: German Menge-Bibel
I just came back from the Frankfurter Buchmesse and talked to Markus Hartmann the contact person from DBG for licensing decisions. He clearly told me that they decided not to give out the digital version of the Menge bible. He said they have rights on the digital version (especially the layout) and copying it would be illegal. He made clear that the only possibility to get a legal digital version of the Menge bible, is to copy it manually from a 1950 hard copy.

He also said that they do not provide their other bibles (Neue Genfer √úbersetzung, Gute Nachricht, Revidierte Luther, Basisbibel) as sword modules because they would have to give support for the modules since people would see them as the support contact because they would be the sellers the modules. He said crosswire is not able to sell the modules because crosswire don't have the infrastructure for that.
In addition they currently do not have the resources to create and test those modules (he said that even if someone from crosswire did the conversion they would have to bring the bible texts in a format that can be imported in some way).

He also said he has made negative experience with Zefania. I think he doesn't really differentiate between Zefania and crosswire and thus sees them both as problematic.

He said that he thinks he will realistically have time for these matters again in autumn 2011 until then he will be busy with matters of the digital version of the Basisbibel amongst others.

Edit: made text a bit more clear.