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Posted by rehorlings at May 24, 2004 7:22:07 PM
strongs numbers in genbook module
Hi. Right now I am attempting to make a module of the text of the Didache, a document from the early church. I am using OSIS encoding. I am trying to add Strong' s numbers where available and parsing. I encoded it in the following manner:

<w lemma="x-Strong:G3598" morph="x-Robinson:N_NPF">????</w>
<w lemma="x-Strong:G1417" morph="x-Robinson:A_NUI">???</w>
<w lemma="x-Strong:G1526"morph="x-Robinson:V_PXI_3P">????,</w>
<w lemma="x-Strong:G1520" morph="x-Robinson:A_NSF">???</w>

I enabled OSISStrongs and OSISMorph options in my global options in my .conf file.
The result is that in Bibletime the Strong's numbers displayed very nicely but could not be toggled on or off. The morphological tegs did not show up at all, except after definite articles, but they displayed incorrectly. Toggling them on or off had no effect. In Gnomesword the Strong's numbers did not display normally but worked. The morphological tagging did not work. Neither could be toggled on or off.

Am I coding this document incorrectly, or do these options not work in sword or with xml2gbs? What should I be doing differently?

benedicat Dominus
Richard E. Horlings