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Posted by troypulk at Oct 5, 2010 9:39:06 PM
Re: Need help with OSIS Again (SOLVED)
Actually, there is no problem as I can tell.

I just needed to know the rules for titles and such, which I found in the osis2mod.cpp file.

// Pre-verse material follows the following rules
// 1) Between the opening of a book and the first chapter, all the material is handled as an introduction to the book.
// 2) Between the opening of a chapter and the first verse, the material is split between the introduction of the chapter and the first verse of the chapter.
// A <div> with a type of section will be taken as surrounding verses.
// A <title> of type other than main, chapter or sub, will be taken as a title for the verse.
// Once one of these conditions is met, the division between chapter introduction and pre-verse is set.
// 3) Between verses, the material is split between the prior verse and the next verse.
// Basically, while end and empty tags are found, they belong to the prior verse.
// Once a begin tag is found, it belongs to the next verse.