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Posted by notlofty at Sep 29, 2010 12:23:57 PM
Re: SWORD on MeeGo?
I found that it was just that ~/.sword was a hidden directory. But I found it and extracted the .zip files in there. And it worked great! Thank you! :-)
I tried the back-trace thing and quite a large amount of information quickly flashed by and then Xiphos opened. I tried to paste the results into this box but I got an error in posting, I'll see what I can do.
Edit: I found on the crosswire website the download for the Calvin commentary but haven't been able to find the Gill in the Xiphos repo. I found a lot of the files for the gill but is not the zip file just a few files that I stuck in my commentary directory but I think Xiphos needs a corresponding .conf file to know what to do with them.