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Posted by Osk at Aug 27, 2010 1:36:09 PM
Re: 5 years and it still won't compile.
David, I'm the one who reverted all of your changes to the wiki. Many of your edits were just vandalism, possibly unintentional because you just don't understand how to use a wiki, but vandalism nonetheless. Your other edits to the instructions for building libsword under MSVC were simply ill-advised. If you yourself cannot successfully build libsword under MSVC, why would you think yourself qualified to advise others in doing so? It was clear after I wasted a lot of time building Sword from scratch by following the directions (those you thought needed changing) that there was no problem with them (save the changed link to cURL).

ICU-Sword compiles to a dll not a lib so Lib-Sword wont compile ICUUC.Lib doesn't exist so Utilities can't compile.

If this statement actually makes sense to you, from the perspective of what happens when you compile a DLL in MSVC, then we probably cannot help you. We don't provide tutorials in the most basic aspects of MSVC usage or how shared libraries work or such.