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Posted by mdbergmann at Aug 26, 2010 4:35:22 AM
Re: 5 years and it still won't compile.

All that one creates (source code in this regard) is copyrighted. That however is unrelated to open source. Our sources are released under GPL with all regulations that come therewith.

The storage format of our modules is documented in the source codes. Documenting it in a more abstract way means a lot of effort and time which would be better spent in implementing features in the library itself.
As Chris already said, the storage format is subject of change and pointing people to write or read this directly would be wrong.

If you are only looking for a way to get bible texts out of modules you could create a simple C++ program similar to one of the example in the source distribution that fits your needs, make it accept command line parameters and call via a process in .Net.