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Posted by Mikey at Aug 24, 2010 3:06:52 PM
Re: BibleTime using a lot of CPU processing power
Your CPU issue sounds somewhat different than mine, since I only noted slow response time during chapter changes when I have many bibles and commentaries all displayed at the same time.

You may find the following suggestion helpful, but there seems to be more going on...

I found that bibletime's feature of seemingly unlimited number of parallel texts causes a major CPU drag when you have multiple highly encoded texts appearing together. For example if you display a KJV text with a NET bible text together, with 4 more bibles in the same window, the CPU usage goes up dramatically.

Some bibles have lots of 'aids' embedded into them, while others are just the words of the printed version. The ones that have "aids" like red letters, crossreferences, strongs numbering, and on... Bible time deals with all these extra features OK, but it is not speed optimized while doing so.

The simplest way I found to reduce the CPU drag is to have fewer parallel collumns displayed at the same time, and do more 'change' versions instead of 'adding' another collumn. ( I limit myself to 3 collumns of bible and 2 collumns of commentary, with the MAG area on screen.)

You may also try increasing the font size so that fewer verses appear in each collumn at a time, since the render engine only worries about the screen.