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Posted by DavidStrickland at Aug 22, 2010 7:44:35 AM
5 years and it still won't compile.
First The Sword project is great I've used it many times. I found it almost 8 years ago. 5 years ago I had an idea of how I could create a resource built on the Sword Project. I'm a microsoft developer using Visual Studio. The Source of course wouldn't compile various dependencies were missing and the source wasn't really intended to work with Visual Studio and Visual Studio didn't work well with any code not generated by it.

The first time I asked how to accomplish it I got flamed by a rather ignorant individual spouting the death of Microsoft and the pointlessness of working with it. I gave up there after assuming this to be the attitude of all of the Sword Project Team since no one said different.

I've tried numerous times to compile it over the years spent a day or two fighting with it gave up. Once again for the last 2 days I've tried to get it to compile and once again I've given up. The string of errors and debuging is so long I've again lost all confidence in the code. Even if It finally get it to compile it's likely just going to blow up.

It would be nice if someone would actually take a clean install of VS and your Source code distro and write up a walk-through step by step of how you compile this thing in VS. Where to get the dependencies. What versions to use etc. I was hoping to do this myself if I could have gotten it to work.

And before anyone starts shooting links to all the supposed instructions on the web none of them work at least none of them Google, Bing or Yahoo can find nor any located on the They are all simplistic to start with implying it's just unzip and compile and even those are filled with missing steps, broken links and assumed pre-configured settings. The numer of C++ developers drops by the day and the ability to get the library compiled goes with it. If you have this knowledge please share it so the rest of us can benefit from all the work the group has already done.