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Posted by dpeirce at May 19, 2004 2:58:52 PM
Bibletime 1.4.1 on Mandrake 10 Official.

I've looked around on the Bibletime site and on eSword's site, and I've found only one mention of an apocrypha: On eSword there's a KJV with apocrypha but it apparently is only for windows. I downloaded the Douay-Rheims Bible thinking it would have an apocrypha; I can see files in ~/.sword/modules/texts/rawtext/dra that look like they might be an apocrypha, but I can't make the apocrypha display in the books listing pull-down window. The manual and faq don't seem to cover this. crying

So is there any way for me to get at the D-R apocrypha, or any apocrypha?

In faith, Dave
Viva Texas