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Posted by karl at Aug 17, 2010 7:02:00 PM
Re: NET Maps Install
I apologize if this is a stupid question. I just downloaded the NET Maps module ...but once installed it says the files are placeholders until they can be changed from the directions in the directory's README file... Can I access it from the application itself? you've walked up to the metaphorical border of "what was really intended here." And it's not a stupid question. A little explanation...

I created the NETmaps module by editing the necessary textual wrappers around the image references, but the images themselves are owned/copyrighted by the folks at, so I can't legitimately distribute copies of those images. But anyone can acquire them from on their own. Ergo, I put the boilerplate images in place with directions for the user to take care of replacing them on his own...and this makes perfect sense for a user under Linux or Windows, with direct access to the filesystem.

But iPhone users don't have that luxury.

You're stuck with this procedural necessity, and let me just say that comedy is not pretty:

- Go to your usual real computer.
- Download the version via ftp from in the zip directory:
- Extract the content in a convenient empty directory somewhere. You'll get mods.d/netmaps.conf and a lot of content in modules/lexdict/rawld4/netmaps. Notice the README.
- In modules/lexdict/rawld4/netmaps/images, you'll find the boilerplate images that need to be replaced. Follow the README instructions for getting the real images from, and use those as replacements.
- Recreate with the now-updated content, e.g. on my Linux box I'd mumble:
zip -r mods.d/netmaps.conf modules/lexdict/rawld4/netmaps
- In PocketSword, enable "module maintainer mode" in Preferences.
- in PocketSword's Downloads, tap the "Manage Sources" button (file folder) in the upper right corner and select "Module Maintainer Mode."
- You'll get a screen showing you how to use your real computer to upload the updated that you've just constructed.
- Do that.

I'm sorry this is so painful, but I really can't distribute the images directly. I can only tell/show you how to get them yourself. And PocketSword on the iPhone is a different sort of problem in the face of that restriction.

The good news is that you can do regular iPhone pinch gestures to resize the images, and get whatever level of detail out of them you need. Other than Xiphos, PocketSword is the only Sword app that supports any kind of image resizing.

Project Admin, Xiphos