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Posted by karl at Aug 16, 2010 7:04:50 AM
Re: OSIS Dictionary module
I used "imp2ld", my source is in UTF-8, I have tried ThML and GBF in the config file, but when checking the dictionary in Xiphos (Windows), everything is just garbage

I suppose I would like to know the nature of the garbage: Bad content or mis-formatting or...?

If the correct words are present but are not properly formatted, then you probably have problems with the configuration file. You need to ensure that things like SourceType are properly set in order for the filters to generate the correct content for the applications to use. Also, if you are not compressing but your .conf includes CompressType (a common mistake for new module creators who are starting from another .conf and editing it to make it their own), then the resulting display will be garbage at very best. And since your content is UTF-8, did you include the Encoding descriptor?

Take a look at any other dictionary modules in your Sword/mods.d directory for pointers. Compare a few to see how they differ. Perhaps post some of the content of your .conf here for us to look at.

In general, it is correct that the format

content to describe Word1
content to describe Word2

is all that's needed for an import format file to be used by imp2ld.
Project Admin, Xiphos