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Posted by MatrixCowboy at Aug 3, 2010 6:21:19 AM
Re: Android
Android pads are being released buy many companies now. Eken has released the m001, the m002, and the m003 already. They are into the third generation. Archos, have themselves, release a few generations of tablets running on the Android OS That is just two companies of many.
Just a surface scan on the internet shows many additional companies releasing their own tablets.
I, personally, am not going to spend $500 on an iPad. I would love to get an android pad, and put The Sword Project on it. Then I can use it in church, and at bible studies. How great would it be, to look at root words, when doing a chronological study. I would love to update my own commentary in a bible study without lugging around a laptop.
So I am asking, on behalf of all the people who want this on a tablet, but do not want to conform to apple, please, please, please, right a sword project for Android.

Thank You.

PS, If you do take on this project, an easy and defined way to synchronize your personal commentary and notes would be grand. I would upload to my gmail, then download to home pc and synchronize.