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Posted by Frohmen at Jul 26, 2010 1:51:52 AM
OSIS Dictionary module
I'm creating a dictionary module and I found the following file:
The zip-file contains the Smith's Bible Dictionary in OSIS format, so I thought that was the correct format to create my dictionary in.
So the actual OSIS xml-file is already created, but now I'm having trouble to make a module out of the xml-file.

I've downloaded the sword utilities compiled for Win32.
And I've used the osis2mod utitility before to create a bible module, but now it's a dictionary so the osis2mod won't work.
By reading the wiki it seemed like the xml2gbs utility was the right one to use, so I tried it out and it created three files with the following extensions: bdt, dat & idx.
But the module doesn't seem to work, I've tried to use both the rawLD and rawGenBook as the value for ModDrv in the conf-file.
I have seen that the Smith module (the actuall one) contains only two files: dat & idx.

So what utility do you use to create only the dat & idx files?
Or do I need to convert my 4000 lines of xml to another format?

Please let me know if you know what I'm doing wrong.
Thanks in advance!