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Posted by mdbergmann at Jun 18, 2010 1:12:09 AM
Re: daily devotions?
The only thing that made me confused was why I couldn't find the daily devotions on the module installer, I actually had to go to the website and manually download them.

The daily devotion modules are actually dictionary modules and should be listed under those in the module installer.

Now that the macsword, with this update, will remember where my place was at on each module, the daily devotion thing is actually kind of cool, it will just take me to the same place, then I just switch to the next day.

Unfortunately this "remembering" doesn't yet work for dictionaries.
I admit that this would be a good improvement and I'll see into implementing this.

When you say you're working on it, what are the plans for them?

Well, we're investigating what would be an appropriate way to display your daily devotion when you start MacSword. The normal dictionary view which you have to use now is not appropriate for daily devotions.
Maybe it will be some kind of HUD window that only shows the devotion for today and maybe has some limited navigation functionality that let's you switch the days and months.