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Posted by niccarter at Jun 9, 2010 5:48:34 AM
Re: How to have a search by word(s)
Hi Ricardo,

Sounds like you now have SWORD finding your modules, but as Tom suggests, it's not behaving correctly. Did you compile the sword utils yourself or did you install them from MacSword? You're now at the point where it's a bit beyond me, but perhaps you can follow Tom's suggestion of compiling the utils yourself - I use fink to do this & they have a package that contains the ICU headers that you require... I think there's also a page on the wiki on this site that contains instructions, along with instructions archived on the sword-devel mailing list that i wrote up several months ago...

Hopefully that will help? Let us know how you go - given that you used to program for the Palm PDA, I'm assuming you know how to figure this out? My limited experience with that platform gave me a lot of respect for those ppl who chose to do that often! ;)
PocketSword Developer