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Posted by hojoplo at Jun 7, 2010 10:31:07 AM
bblx to swd conversion?

I'm a new user of Macsword (and the SWORD system). I've got some .bblx files which I'd like to use in Macsword, but apparently there are no conversion tools available. So, being a bit of a geek I'm trying to convert them.

The .bblx files seem to be SQLite v3 database files, so getting stuff out of them is doable. I tried probing them with sword utilities (mod2something tools) but they won't read them.

But I can't figure out what the files Macsword uses are: there are .bzs, .bzv and .bzz. Is there documentation for these file formats somewhere? The .conf file says they are ZIP compressed, but my unzip won't understand them (neither does gzip).

thanks, Plod