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Posted by niccarter at Apr 28, 2010 5:49:41 PM
Re: genbooks / hymns
Ahh, I was thinking of creating an app like that! Last year, that is, before I took over with PocketSword and ran out of time... ;)

Yes, I plan on adding support for Genbooks for v1.3.0 of PocketSword. I have only just started on 1.3.0, so it may be a month or more away? Unfortunately, my boss doesn't want me to be working on PocketSword while I'm at his office working for him... ;)
There are no plans to support the actual sheet music or links to midi, but if someone were to create a genbook module that had links to midi, I could look into supporting it. Sheet music, on the other hand, wouldn't display very well on an iPhone and requires special layout, so would be much harder.
Altho, that would be a great app for the iPad -- a sheet music reader! Imagine an app like iBooks except for sheet music! No more trying to turn pages in a performance, instead just tap on the screen and it switches to the next page. Or you could have built-in timers so that it auto-magically turns the page based on the tempo of the music and how many bars there are displayed on the current page!
Hmmm....... THAT would be a fun app. :)
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