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Posted by Mikofox at Apr 19, 2010 1:40:08 AM
Problems/Bugs/Suggestions Version 2.2.1-1201
I'm having the following problems;

Right-click on selected text to bookmark brings up the Bookmark pane with an empty Name field and Highlight checkbox unselected. If I click Ok nothing happens.
If I select text and use the + Button in the Toolbar the Name field is already filled in to the chapter and if I click Ok the bookmark shows in the BM list.

I don't understand why there is a difference in behavior of the two methods.
Also, do I assume wrong that if I have selected Enable Bookmark Highlighting in Preferences/Display, the checkbox in the Bookmark Pane should always be checked?

I think the problem I and others have is that they would like to highlight verses like they would in a paper edition, by sidelining or underlining or circling or whatever, which I do frequently without writing any comments - just so that the verses stand out and I can find them easier later on.

I don't know if this needs to be separate from Bookmarking, I would think not if the Bookmarking process could be simplified (the rightclick-one anyway)

In Bookmarking this could be easily accomplished if:
1. a preferred highlight color could be set as default
2. the checkbox Highlight would remember to stay on

Quitting and re-opening the application does not remember my last location, opens to Genesis.
Should it not remember my last position?

Using Function/Arrow Key Down to read further down the page gets thrown off frequently if I touch the trackpad and try two-finger scrolling to center the text. The page then jumps to the beginning of the chapter and I need to scroll down again and find my location which is rather annoying if I read along with an audio bible.

Thanks for now.