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Posted by chasm at Apr 16, 2010 5:48:44 AM
Re: Betatest version 2.2
Playtesting over:

- The right sidebar always opens by default, whether I have just launched the app, opened a new tab, or even switch tabs.

- By default, all the Mod options are always unchecked on launch. This means I always have to turn on Jesus' Words in red text, for example.

- There appears to be a blank line above and below the text display at all times.

- By default, there are too many defaults. I mean this seriously:

- I love that the basic GUI is becoming cleaner and less cluttered, but the under-the-hood mechanics could use a little of that too. I don't think it should be necessary to set defaults on every module's appearance. You open a module and set the font and size and other styles as you want. They stay the same for that module. That's it. It would be great if I could do that in the app GUI itself without having to open the prefs every time. An alternate approach would be to sync the styles to their pane in the workspace. My main module in the top left could be one style, my secondary version in the right half could be different if I wanted, and perhaps the commentary in the bottom could be something else. Perhaps there should be options to keep styles in sync or to stylize each module differently, but it would make more sense for the modules to "remember" their settings in a hidden way, and respond to user input in the GUI rather than in the preferences only. For the basic user (we all were that at one time), a program is more friendly when it just does what you want it to when you tell it so on the surface GUI. I look under the hood when my car isn't running quite right, or when I want to tinker.

- Why not scrap the predefined list of font sizes altogether, and replace it with a simple horizontal slider? You could even put it in the lower right corner to match the layout of Finder, and it would make sense. No matter where you put it, a slider with a tiny "A" on one side and a much bigger "A" on the other side is pretty easy to figure out. :) Best of all, you can use that slider as a way to store a global preference for font size (just like the slider in Finder specifies the default icon size), and it would seem all the more intuitive.
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