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Posted by mdbergmann at Apr 11, 2010 3:38:53 PM
MacSword 2.2
MacSword 2.2 released with the following new features:

<li>Customizable print page margins.</li>
<li>Indexing progress indicator.</li>
<li>Fixed repeating comment verses.</li>
<li>Left sidebar bookmark items show verse list.</li>
<li>Fullscreen view has mouse position sensitive overlay toolbar view.</li>
<li>Text background, foreground and link colours are customizable.</li>
<li>Verse numbering can be switched off completely.</li>
<li>Notes folder in AppSupport now can be a symbolic link.</li>
<li>Adding a new tab/window now opens default bible with Gen 1 instead of being empty.</li>
<li>Slightly different toolbar with toolbar extension (You might need to recustomize your toolbar).</li>
<li>Notes got a text font/colour menu.</li>
<li>Left mouse-click on links now opens them.</li>
<li>Add bookmarks (or add verses to an existing bookmark) from a selected text.</li>
<li>Heavy improvements on speed and memory usage.</li>
<li>Many bugfixes in all areas.</li>