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Posted by mikodo at Apr 10, 2010 3:14:07 AM
BibleTime using a lot of CPU processing power
Hello everyone,

I am new to using BibleTime, and this is my first post on the Crosswire forums. With that I am not sure if I am posting in the correct area of the forums, but I do use BibleTime with my desktop, so I will post here.

I use Ubuntu 9.10- 32 bit, on a Quad Core 2.4mhz, Intel machine with integrated graphics using 4 gig of RAM. I notice that BibleTime uses a lot of CPU processor power. One of my CPU's is always using 100% of its' capabilities and the others remain under 5%. This is a lot when other applications usually use a combined CPU usage of less than 5%. A good example of this is the application Xiphos Bible Guide, I can read Bible text, and have an auditory synthesizer speak the text all for less than 5% CPU usage. I don't use many of the features in Bibletime, all that I really want, is to read bible text.

My question is this: Are there processes/features that I can turn off to reduce the CPU load on my machine?

Thank you.