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Posted by willi at May 2, 2004 7:20:01 AM
Re: lack of free german bible translation
Well, I know that there are 6 free german modules around. The problem with these is: they are quite old now. The german language is not like that anymore. This makes it quite hard to understand some phrases. (you don't win any battle with that blunt sword)

There are other german modules which are better in that respect. But the problem with these is: they are protected by copyrights, which makes them almost unusable in OpenSource software projects. IMHO this is (one of-)the reason(s) why eg. the sword-project is still very unpopular in the german community.

My idea is to create a new german translation from scratch. The base could be any free english version or even another free german version (example: GerSch) but the outcome should be written in todays german language.

    Project Goals (proposal):
  • free from copyrights. It should be a german translation of the bible which is free to spread and use and copy (and even print) to anyone. In order to protect that freedom, it could be necessary to release it under some sort of licence. I think of the FDL for this purpose. (GPL-pendant documentation license)
  • it should use todays german language. The emphasis is clearly on readability and understandability and not on closeness to the source text.
  • use multiple source texts. Since there is no strict link to one source text, it could actually use many different sources. My idea is that anyone willing can contribute some pieces according to the respective skills. (since my language skills are german and english, this is the way I would do it. Somebody else might see that different)

regards willi ...

vonFrehn: your project sounds really interesting, although your goal is actually in the opposite direction. To make a real old version available as a module is also quite an interesting task. This could teach me the skills needed for my project. (I seriously consider supporting you)

The Z�rcher 1931 is actually the first version of the bible where I learnt from. (Konfirmandenunterricht back in 1976...) Today, I would actually classify this also as outdated and, as you already stated, the copyright is still "on".