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Posted by chasm at Mar 30, 2010 5:00:14 AM
Re: Betatest version 2.2
Well now....

I must say I like the improvements to the interface and fullscreen. The minimal toolbar helps a lot, and I like how the sidebars are finally of uniform height. I was always bugged at the way everything seemed to mix together...

As for the background, my opinion is altering slightly. I've experimented with the bible app on my iPod, and I've found that slightly greyish backgrounds seem to work best with serif fonts like Georgia or Times, while a whiter background is most readable with sans serif. Could be just me.

Font size handling is still a bit clunky. Even though I seem to have options for customizing fonts for different modules, opening a new tab always displays the application's default font. I prefer larger type for relaxed reading, so I set my default module to 28 point font. Opening a new tab always defaulted to the App default, which was smaller until I changed it to match. It seems that module defaults don't seem to work very well, mostly because when a new tab is opened, no module loads immediately. Could you change it so that when a new tab or window opens, the default module loads, perhaps at Genesis 1 for an "opening the Book" feel...

As you have already mentioned the sidebar issues, I won't say anything there.

All in all, it's getting better with the updates. I'm not the dev here, so I really have no right to insist on my view for what this app should be. I suppose my aim is to have a Bible study app that is as sleek, efficient, and squeaky-clean as possible. In wanting that, I imagine I can make a lot of demands that are a lot harder to achieve at the code level than I immediately realize, and I respect that. I also admire your hard work to please self-proclaimed software critics like me, and thank you for putting up with me. smile I can be a nuisance sometimes.
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