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Posted by vonFrehn at Apr 28, 2004 11:10:01 PM
Re: lack of free german bible translation
Well, I've had three module ideas in mind, a fourth that's in development. Unfortunately, most of them are pretty old:

Tepl 1385--a pre-Lutheran German NT. I and a fellow University of Tennessee alumnus are working on this one.

Luther 1545--the current module is actually a revision of a 1582 Bible based on the 1545, but is not the real deal. I'd like to find a few people who'd be willing to put together the text for it and give people the true 1545.

Z�rcher 1531--another Reformation Bible I'd like to see made into a module.

Z�rcher 1931--this one might be more agreeable to Willi. Unfortunately, I think the TVZ still holds copyright to it.