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Posted by Aliby4now at Mar 21, 2010 7:32:09 PM
Wonderful development made in this application, it is evolving into a slick application suitable for portable reference and study!

Previously my primary portable study tool was Palm Bible+ also based on the Sword Project. As the PalmOS also permits only a "single application" to run at once some of the Palm Bible+ features may be useful to review .

The one that has been extremely valuable is the Notes feature.
This was essentially a built in Note/Memo page where you could write notes and copy scriptures during teaching etc. Afterwards, you could export the Text to the standard Palm Memo application which would sync in the usual manner.

This feature was added as switching between Applications is just too slow for taking realtime notes and with it built in it makes it seemless, efficient and fast.

Even if export was only added later as copy/paste could suffice for now, would it be possible to add a basic text notepad into PocketSword? Perhaps accessible via a slide side-swipe would make note taking ultra fast and convenient.