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Posted by chervonenko at Mar 11, 2010 1:34:58 AM
Problems w/ RST module - Strong's searching doesn't work?
Hi. I'm using MacSword 2.1, with RST (russian translation) with Strong's Numbers support. So, I tried to find number in module, but found nothing. It's just showing me empty Workspace. I've read Manual, searched this forum, but do not find anything. I doing something wrong?
Leopard 10.5.8, MacSword 2.1

I've asked in MacSword thread, and idea is problem in module, because in KJV searching works. That's quotung:

Hmm. I don't really know to be honest.
The KJV was from a OSIS XML source while the RST is from a GBF source.
It'll maybe better to continue this discussion in a module forum or the SWORD dev mailing list because there are more people that might know about it.

So, anybody know how to fix it?