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Posted by mdbergmann at Mar 5, 2010 2:23:35 AM
Re: Feature request: Simplify the Bookmark System
- Even with highlights enabled (which should be by default), I have to reload the module to see the highlights.

That's possibly a bug. En/Disabling the bookmark highlight should trigger a reload immediately.

Also, always having to set a highlight color is of course time consuming. I certainly hope the palette idea is coming soon. :)

What do you mean "set a highlight color"? Why is that time consuming?
You can define you own palette, just drag your defined colors into the subsection of the Color Chooser and those will stay there as your pre-defined colors.

- The Reference in the sidebar is a good idea, though it would eventually clutter up. I would personally have named the bookmark after the reference, then grouped my bookmarks in folders (kinda like previous suggestions in this topic)

I believe naming the bookmarks after the reference is not such a good idea.
My personal preference is to collect multiple verse references under a bookmark.
Actually here the term "bookmark" is not quite right. It should be "Verse list" or something.
A bookmark as when used in a real book only marks one page or chapter.
I guess at some point we will rename bookmark to verse list and have something additional which comes closer to a bookmark.

EDIT: On the background color... it clashes a lot. I found the best background other than plain white is to match the color to the sidebar. It looks pretty good.

You are free to change the background color to whatever suits you best.
Maybe we can do a vote here or so.

Memory usage of MacSword should be much less in this version.
Also switching between reference and index lookup is much faster.
Finally indexing is much faster, especially for commentary modules.
Where indexing the MHC took 15 minutes it now only takes less than a minute at only 10% of the disk space.