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Posted by mdbergmann at Feb 28, 2010 6:07:25 AM
Re: bug report (bookmark and notes)
Using Mac OS 10.6.2 w/ MacSword 2.1.1-411, I have a couple of problems I've noticed.
How do you erase a note? I can create one (ponderously) but I can't find a way to eliminate it.
When I choose a highlight for a selected verse in bookmark mode and I click "OK" in the box I am left with a plain verse and no highlight.

Check the other thread for an explanation.

What I am looking for is a note that will be generated when I click at a point in any displayed verse, type in my note in the box displayed, title the note and then click "OK" and have the title displayed in the sidebar as it is now but also have an asterisk or a number or something that references to the sidebar that remains in the text. Maybe this could be a superscript or subscript number or character. This remainder could also be active so that clicking it would bring up the note in a separate window.

The notes are text files, much like you would use Pages or TextEdit.
What you are looking for are personal commentaries where you can add a commentary for bible verses. Those commentaries can be opened together with a bible (in the same view) so that you can see both together, your comment and the scripture text.