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Posted by mdbergmann at Feb 20, 2010 6:10:21 AM
Re: Feature request: Simplify the Bookmark System
Okay.... The first 2.2 was pale, this one is... hmm... odd.

The gradient makes me think of a FireFox persona. Interesting, but it makes my title bar stick out like a sore thumb. I think a simple brushed metal or Chromium would look so much

In Cocoa terms it would be "Unified" look.

better... also, all the module text is a faint grey that is nearly impossible to read, and changing font color in the font panel does not fix it, nor does opening a new window.

Hmm, so the opinions differ...
I actually found this light gray background nice. What colour would you suggest.
In my opinion the simple black/white has a too high contrast and is exhausting if you look at it for longer.
At the moment the background colour changes after a restart. Foreground after a refresh.

This 2.2 build hangs.. a lot. I just looked up Console, and it appears that it is stuck in an infinite loop of validating the index files. I only have about 6 or 7 modules total, and it's listed debug actions for validating them about a dozen times... I'm going to force quit it now... and maybe move it straight out of my Downloads folder into the netherworld located at ~/.trash

EDIT: Okay... after re-reading the Console... It was logged after I did a force quit about 3 minutes ago, and I had the app open for about a minute then... in that minute, approx. 3 dozen cycles of validating the indexes were recorded before I ultimately forced it to quit.

Can you paste the console to an email please?
Do you have the background indexer enabled?