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Posted by mdbergmann at Feb 14, 2010 6:22:43 AM
Re: MacSword Bugs
* The fix on the sidebars is adequate, though maybe not optimal. The Core Graphics effect makes it clear that the sidebars still start at their previous defaults, then transition to user-set defaults. That is, when I launch MacSword, both sidebars start out wider and narrow to my chosen widths. A cool effect the first few times, but then it becomes annoying.

Yeah. The reason for this is that the window stores the widths of the side bars in the session and re-applies them when the window is already displayed.
The side bars should instead apply the stored widths while loading.
I've added a new issue in the tracker already for this.

As for the widths change for the transition from/to fullscreen mode it appears that Cocoa changes the widths without notification as it normally does when changing the side bars widths. The current solution is more or less a workaround.
Hoping to find something better but needs some research.

* The fix on the tabs is good, as it does address the issue I pointed out. However, I now notice that the title of the tab and the title bar of the app match exactly what is shown in the search field at the top. If you delete the text in the search bar, the reference disappears on the tab and title bar, and will not reappear unless the reference is selected in the sidebar, or if the reference is re-typed and I hit Enter. I don't understand why the tab and titlebar is tied to the search field. Shouldn't the tab and titlebar always display the passage I'm reading in Reference Lookup Mode, or the term I searched in Search Mode? Also (and quite strangely), if there is no text entered into the search field, then none of the module options work. I cannot change font size, toggle Strong's numbers, or anything. confused

The tab and window titles are not tied to the search field but to the reference that has been entered and applied with hitting <CR> or choosing a book/chapter from the right sidebar.
In fact when you delete the reference from the search field and hit enter the text should disappear. The fact that is does not disappear could actually be considered as a bug. After deleting the text from the search field there is no more reference related to the current instance that controls the view and thus the text can't be changed.
There are some greater changes that are applied to version 2.2 in this regard but for a quick fix the text could just be removed from the view. That would help to not confuse the user.

Also note in those screens, a mysterious left/right scroll bar appeared. It must have come when I resized the window to take a smaller screenshot, and it did not go away no matter how I resized the window afterwards. I had to open a new workspace window to make it go away. Odder still, if I slowly resize the window to any small size I wish (even unrealistically small), the horizontal scrollbar does not reappear. Only when I resize the window quickly.

I've come across this, too. But very seldom. I did some investigation on this but cold find a solving solution.

* I don't know what you meant here:
The one with switching between reference lookup and index search will is not yet included.

It seems to me that this bug has been fixed in this newest version already, and I'm pleased with the result. biggrin

It meant exactly this. :)
However it is not optimal. Will also be changed in v2.2. Right now if you switch from reference to indexed search the search is re-applied and can take some time depending on your search constrains.

Thanks for help in nailing down the issues.