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Posted by chasm at Feb 12, 2010 7:06:56 PM
MacSword Bugs
I will list bugs I have found with the latest version of MacSword (2.1.0-463):

* The Right Sidebar extends quite too far to the left when opened. (screenshot)

As you can see, it wastes a lot of window space. It can of course be resized and will seem to save that setting, but it will revert to the larger size on any newly opened Workspace windows. Also, the sidebar widths are scaled when I transition to fullscreen, which makes them waste more space. If they are adjusted in fullscreen, they will be scaled down to be far too narrow in windowed.

By the way, the interface art in the screenshot is SnowTunes (kinda like iLeopard for Snow Leopard), and I did a minor edit to your tabs to make them fit the theme. I kept the original files backed up, but I like the look. I'll be more than happy to send you the edited files if you ever introduce options for skins in MacSword. smile

* When I open a new tab, the name of the tab matches the previous one, even though I'm getting a blank window. For example, if in the first tab I was browsing Mark 1, the new tab will say "KJV - Mark 1" even though there is an empty window.

* If I do a search, the results superimpose my Reference Lookup mode. Shouldn't I be able to switch modes freely without one interfering with the other? That is, whatever passage I'm reading should still be there when I switch back from a search, and the search results should show up only when I'm in the Search Mode.


I'm glad to see several bugs have been fixed since the beta, especially:

* One very cryptic bug where reloading any passage would occasionally randomly insert a passage from I or III John into what I was reading, then remove it on the next refresh.

* The module option menus bleeding out of the window when the window was resized narrow enough (I also like the more Cocoa-like appearance of those menus)


Thanks again for making such great Bible software. Perhaps soon, I'll open a feature request topic... laughing
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