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Posted by mdbergmann at Feb 12, 2010 1:41:38 AM
Re: New to MacSword, ready to give up
1) When I open KJV with Strongs it takes 30 sec or more to load the text. Then switching to another book takes just as long.

Text display is an expensive process especially when Strong's, Morphs or other module options are turned on.
The only advice I can give you: try to minimise your text selection to chapters at least or verse ranges.

2) With KJV Strongs open in the work/display window, The Strong's numbers are dead links.The right column show strong's numbers as well but they are dead links also. (therefore, no way to navigate the bible either)

They are not dead links. Do right-click and choose "open link" to open the Strong's number in a new tab/window.
To see the explanation of the Strong's number while hovering over the link either enable the preview panel via main menu or turn on "show preview as tooltip" in preferences or do both.
You also need to make sure that a valid Strong's lexicon is selected as default for Hebrew/Greek Strong's numbers in preferences.

3) The Bible test/lexicon/etc "tabs" do not close when I click the little "x"

I did no further investigation on this but there might be a bug on closing the tabs when one had been opened using the "+" button in the tab bar.
If you open the tabs via left side bar (double click or open in workspace) then it should work.