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Posted by ks at Feb 11, 2010 2:36:53 PM
New to MacSword, ready to give up
I just installed MacSword for the first time. I've gotten the modules installed but this program seems nearly unusable. I'm wondering if I am doing something wrong...

1) When I open KJV with Strongs it takes 30 sec or more to load the text. Then switching to another book takes just as long.
2) With KJV Strongs open in the work/display window, The Strong's numbers are dead links.The right column show strong's numbers as well but they are dead links also. (therefore, no way to navigate the bible either)
3) The Bible test/lexicon/etc "tabs" do not close when I click the little "x"

Is it just me or is this program useless? I appreciate that it is free but it seems nearly unusable.

ps I used to use E-sword and it worked fine on my PC.