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Posted by Sunrise7 at Jan 24, 2010 4:04:29 PM
Re: My project, FYI
Hi Mark,
Looks like an awesome reference.
If I read the posting dates correctly, you have been on this a long time.
Great the way a visitor to your site can choose references and do combined/comparative Searches, side-by-side. Response seemed slow today, but that may be due to processing power being used for the searches, or, numbers of visitors :)

As a suggestion, have you thought of or considered, adding the capacity for visitors to know who else is looking at the same documents or topics and have an option to communicate with them, as registered participants? This would increase personal interaction with the materials without the moderation and other hassles of a forum or bulletin board. How complicated would it be?

Thanks for your extensive work on this.
I will let others know.