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Posted by tbob32 at Jan 17, 2010 10:21:39 PM
Re: MacSword 2.0.7 - Unable to install modules
The dir I created was from the following section of the Readme.rtf in the docs folder in the dmg download, as follows:
Manually installing modules
The download of MacSword application does not include any modules (bibles, dictionaries, etc.). You need to download them manually from the Crosswire website. For MacSword special modules (.swd) are available which have to be placed into the folder (if the folder does not exist, please create it first):
/Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/Sword
In MacSword under Preferences->Module you need to point the Modules location folder to be the folder mentioned above and then restart. For MacSword version 1.3.1b2 and above this location is preset and it does not need to be changed. Just place your downloaded modules in the above mentioned folder.
MacSword 2 does not have this setting in preferences. This path is the only pre-defined module path in MacSword 2.

If I delete the dir and run the module installer it does create the dir and subfolders, appears to be downloading the KJV but nothing is installed. As mentioned before if I manually download the KJV and place it in that dir the app crashes on startup.